CTRP is based in San Francisco and has a local, national and global impact. For the past 25 years, we have worked with Child Protective Services to ensure that our most vulnerable children have the best chance at healing from violence in the home. We provide trainings across the nation to increase access and raise the quality of mental health care. Our impact is international, working with children victimized by terrorism and war. We recently expanded our reach to the United States-Mexico border, training immigration attorneys, child advocates and therapists to help children traumatically separated from their parents.

We provide community and agency-based training in Child-Parent Psychotherapy, as well as training trainers internationally. If you would like to learn more about Child-Parent Psychotherapy, visit the CPP website or facebook page. To request a Child-Parent Psychotherapy training for your agency, please visit the CPP training webpage, or check out our list of CPP Trainers. We also provide CPP training through our clinical internship program.