CPP Provider Roster

Browse CPP providers in the table or map, or filter the roster by entering search terms into the relevant boxes. Use the 'Search All' box to search every column (such as name, agency, or insurance plan). Depending on your device, you may need to use the scroll bar to view all columns in the table. After you type a search term into a filter, click 'Enter' to see results. To remove a filter, click in the top-right corner of the filter box. The number of relevant results is shown in green above the Search All filter. If the roster is loading slowly, consider filtering down to a smaller number of results.

Each point on the map represents one practice (that is, one provider at one site). Providers who do not appear on the map have not specified their location in our database. Hover over a point to see more information about this practice--click on a point to select only this practice in the table. To reset the map filter, click anywhere that does not have a point. To reset the map zoom, click on the Home button in the gray bar in the left side of the map.

To visit a practice's website, click on the point (in the map) or the cell 'Click for more information' (in the table). At the bottom of the pop-up tooltip, click the link 'Go to website.' To view a practice's location in Google Maps, click on the point (in the map) and, at the bottom of the pop-up tooltip, click the link 'See location in Google Maps.' Note that these features are only available for practices with valid websites or location data.

To download a copy of the current table (including filters):
1. Click 'Download' in the bottom-right corner of the dashboard.
2. In the pop-up window, select 'PDF.'
3. In the new pop-up window, change the first dropdown to 'Selected sheets from this dashboard.'
4. Make sure that only 'Table' is selected.
5. Click 'Download' (Note: this may take several minutes).

Disclaimer: This is a listing of providers who completed an implementation level course in Child-Parent Psychotherapy. This listing is provided for informational purposes only. Providers listed are not endorsed by the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Child Trauma Research Program. Prior to choosing a provider, it is best practice to verify provider credentials, licensure status, and any records of disciplinary action with the appropriate state board.

Are you missing from the roster?

If you completed training through an endorsed CPP Agency Mentorship Program, an Endorsed Internship Program, or an International training, please be patient. This map represents our first round of rostering. You will be in our second round.

If you completed a CPP LC and are not on the roster, please use your roster survey code to verify that your current email address is listed and you have opted in to the public roster. After this step, or if you can't find your roster survey code, please complete the following survey to help us find your information: https://redcap.ucsf.edu/surveys/?s=8HA9D3F7XR

Please note that response times may vary (may even take a few weeks). We are a SMALL but mighty team.