Research at CTRP

Research is a central part of CTRP's mission, and our program has conducted numerous studies examining the effect of trauma on young children and families in a multi-ethnic urban setting. One of the original sites of the five randomized controlled trials validating the efficacy of Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), CTRP continues to evaluate its effectiveness in the young children and families who seek treatment at our program. Current research questions include investigating the effectiveness of community-based intervention, life-course adversity and perinatal health, and the biological embedding of early life experience.


Current Studies

CTRP-Core Study

The Core Study at CTRP includes all families who seek or are referred for treatment at our SFGH location and includes multiple clinical domains: caregiver and child functioning, stressful life events, executive function and school-readiness. Led by Dr. Alicia Lieberman and Dr. Chandra Ghosh Ippen, the Core study draws heavily from theoretically-informed, foundational clinical assessment in the CPP model.

CTRP-Health Study

The Health Study at CTRP is a sub-study of the main protocol that examines biological systems implicated in traumatic stress and their response to intensive treatment. Led by Dr. Nicki Bush and Dr. Alicia Lieberman, CTRP-Health is an multidisciplinary investigation with co-investigators across multiple UCSF departments including Pediatrics, Nursing, and Medicine.

The BE SAFE Pregnancy Study

The Be Safe Pregnancy Study at SFGH examines the life-course experiences, relationships, and needs of pregnant women delivering at SFGH. The study interviews women both prior to and following delivery, examining reproductive empowerment, delivery outcomes, adverse and benevolent childhood experiences, and intimate partner violence.

Community Mental Health Initiative

CTRP's Tipping Point Community Mental Health Initiative invites participants to participate in research examining adult and child traumatic experiences, well-being, and the effectiveness of treatment services at our partner sites across San Francisco.